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Speak softly…and carry a big BATNA: Why systematic leverage creation trumps “toughness”​

Many leaders conflate sourcing negotiation success with “toughness”- which misses the point. Success really hinges on the systematic application of read more →

Sourcing: the most underexploited M&A synergy lever

Most mid-market post-merger integrations leave money on the table. For completely understandable reasons, management teams focus on organizational issues and perceived read more →

Protecting your margins during inflation: some practical considerations

Chances are, you’re already acutely aware of the current inflation climate: Core CPI recently experienced the largest rate of increase read more →

Why relying on GPOs isn’t always the best plan: When ‘custom sourcing’​ pays off

While using Group Purchasing Options (GPO) or Parent Company contracts for sourcing is better than doing nothing and it requires read more →

Time to Act: Exploiting the closing window of opportunity to reduce technology costs

Firms with significant spend in Technology (bandwidth, storage, software) have a window of opportunity to realize sourcing opportunities. Only the read more →

Seeking the Mystical Tome of Prices: How overreliance on price benchmarking hurts your company

Recently a head of procurement asked me “why do you all use a scoring model to estimate savings potential…why not just read more →

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How to realize above-average savings: Focus on leverage

What’s really the key to obtaining above-average sourcing results?  Is it about having the most benchmarks?  About being really tough?  read more →

Taking a “Total Cost of Ownership” approach

Many businesses, to their detriment, focus excessively on the nominal prices of their procured goods and services.  What matters, of read more →

Data-driven prioritization enables our results

How do we drive step-change profitability improvements, rapidly?  In short, through data-driven prioritization.  We’ve developed proprietary diagnostic scoring models to read more →

Why we address both Sourcing & Revenue Levers

Most consultancies serving the middle-market tend to focus rather narrowly.  Perhaps they address sourcing.  Or maybe they focus on pricing read more →

How we work: the origin and current focus of Inside Consulting

Founding Partner Rick Condon explains the origins of Inside Consulting– the unmet need he observed in the mid-market back in read more →

Accelerating Commercial Transformation Benefits

Pricing programs / transformations can yield massive profit improvements- but there’s a catch:  they’re slow.  They often depend on new read more →