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De-Risking Transformation: Why companies should address both revenue and sourcing levers

Very often, businesses executing transformations either pursue revenue initiatives or cost initiatives, but not both- leaving significant value on the table. We explore why read more →

In our current business climate, leverage is what matters for sourcing savings

In an era of higher inflation and interest rates, the easy wins in sourcing are gone. Suppliers weigh current profits read more →

Revenue Leakage & Sourcing Demand Management: Sides of the same coin

Many businesses leak revenue (undercharge customers) while also paying vendors for services not consumed. While these problems seem different, they’re read more →

Speak softly…and carry a big BATNA: Why systematic leverage creation trumps “toughness”​

Many leaders conflate sourcing negotiation success with “toughness”- which misses the point. Success really hinges on the systematic application of read more →

Sourcing: the most underexploited M&A synergy lever

Most mid-market post-merger integrations leave money on the table. For completely understandable reasons, management teams focus on organizational issues and perceived read more →

Protecting your margins during inflation: some practical considerations

Chances are, you’re already acutely aware of the current inflation climate: Core CPI recently experienced the largest rate of increase read more →

Why relying on GPOs isn’t always the best plan: When ‘custom sourcing’​ pays off

While using Group Purchasing Options (GPO) or Parent Company contracts for sourcing is better than doing nothing and it requires read more →

Time to Act: Exploiting the closing window of opportunity to reduce technology costs

Firms with significant spend in Technology (bandwidth, storage, software) have a window of opportunity to realize sourcing opportunities. Only the read more →

Seeking the Mystical Tome of Prices: How overreliance on price benchmarking hurts your company

Recently a head of procurement asked me “why do you all use a scoring model to estimate savings potential…why not just read more →

Hear From Our Thought Leaders

How to realize above-average savings: Focus on leverage

What’s really the key to obtaining above-average sourcing results?  Is it about having the most benchmarks?  About being really tough?  read more →

Taking a “Total Cost of Ownership” approach

Many businesses, to their detriment, focus excessively on the nominal prices of their procured goods and services.  What matters, of read more →

Data-driven prioritization enables our results

How do we drive step-change profitability improvements, rapidly?  In short, through data-driven prioritization.  We’ve developed proprietary diagnostic scoring models to read more →

Why we address both Sourcing & Revenue Levers

Most consultancies serving the middle-market tend to focus rather narrowly.  Perhaps they address sourcing.  Or maybe they focus on pricing read more →

How we work: the origin and current focus of Inside Consulting

Founding Partner Rick Condon explains the origins of Inside Consulting– the unmet need he observed in the mid-market back in read more →

Accelerating Commercial Transformation Benefits

Pricing programs / transformations can yield massive profit improvements- but there’s a catch:  they’re slow.  They often depend on new read more →