We serve middle market firms across a variety of industries

  • Clients typically $50M – $1B in annual revenue
  • We have deep experience in technology (MSP, SaaS, Data Centers, Resellers), healthcare ( pharma, post acute care, SaaS), media/publishing, Business Services, Distribution, Industrial Manufacturing.
  • We serve range of ownership models: Founder/Family owned, Private Equity owned, Publicly Traded.

We support a range of situations / business contexts

  • Restructuring / turnaround
  • Accelerating growth
  • Due Diligence- pre acquisition
  • Post Merger integration
  • Onboarding firm with new ownership group
  • Preparation for sale – enhancing results

Private Equity Support

Given our focus on demonstrable results and incentive alignment, Private Equity funds often retain us to assist them with their value creation initiatives:

  • Operating due diligence
  • Portfolio business diagnostics / Value Creation Planning
  • Private equity operations which includes Onboarding Support / M&A Support / Business Optimization / Preparation for Sale

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Selected Client Summary





(Ongoing) Delivered $1M of recurring EBITDA improvement with another $740k of clearly identified potential underway

  • Reduced vendor spend via strategic sourcing
  • Improved selected areas of price realization, eliminating revenue leakage

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Supported numerous initiatives over 4 years, adding over $6M in annual EBIT.

  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Zero Based Budgeting
  • SaaS Net Revenue Retention

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Implemented recurring EBITDA improvement of $2.8M

  • Reduced vendor spend by >$2.3M via creative sourcing techniques for network and software
  • Delivered $550k of ARR improvement via revenue leakage reduction

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Realized $2.7M of vendor spend reduction in member engagement costs

  • $1.9M in call center costs (23% reduction)
  • $0.8M in print costs (36% reduction)

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Reduced vendor spend by $2.4M, overall ~25% cost compression on categories addressed.

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Reduced vendor spend $1.2M/yr (35% cost compression)- focused on medical supplies.  Applied novel sourcing approaches with fragmented supplier base.

Developed capacity supply/demand model for key service line, enabling targeted investment and improved tracking.

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Identified $11M+ in annual EBITDA improvements

  • $5M Labor cost savings
  • $2.7M Vendor spend reduction
  • $4M in ARR improvement, via leakage reduction and improved price realization

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Completed multiple profit improvement engagements over 5 years, adding $10M/yr EBIT

  • Cost Reduction: sourcing, field crew efficiency, design to cost
  • Revenue Improvement: spare parts pricing, field support pricing

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Reduced vendor spend by $2.3M/yr. Boosted revenue growth by co-designing IT security solution bundle with new vendor.

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Reduced vendor spend by $6.8M/yr and increased ARR by $3M via leakage reduction and revised pricing structure. Conducted zero-based budgeting for marketing spend, realigning spend with ROI.

Improvements helped fund business reinvestment and enabled dramatic stock price recovery.

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Supported operational turnaround: Returned business to profitability in under 18 months. Improved annual cash flow by $12M and assisted with the sale to a strategic buyer.

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Secured sourcing synergies, following merger, of $4.3M – 3X the savings estimate, realized through creative application of leverage- not just relying on additional scale.

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Reduced vendor spend $2.2M/yr (35%) and increased ARR by $1.1M via leakage reduction.

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Conducted numerous engagements over 6 years, adding over $10M annual EBIT.

  • Vendor spend reduction
  • Net Revenue Retention
  • Zero Based Budgeting
  • Organizational productivity

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Conducted rapid sourcing project and revenue leakage diagnostic. Secured $370k OPEX and $630k CAPEX savings and identified $1.9M in ARR improvement potential.

Conducted rapid sourcing project- delivering $1.4M of annual EBIT improvement. Work spanned technology, business services, and magazine printing spend categories.

Restructured sourcing agreements for novel drugs, reducing COGS by $1.3M/yr and creating highly scalable cost structure.

Conducted rapid price realization diagnostic and developed new pricing model in under 2 months, adding $1.2M in incremental profit

Completed multiple profit improvement engagements over a 5-year time frame. Focused on debottlenecking operations and selectively lowering outside spend. Added over $25M in EBIT over the period.

Reduced annual spend by $5M: Developed zero-based budget, consolidated office space, lowered IT contract labor expense, and reduced IT Capex expense

Completed global market growth assessment and aligned operating strategy

Evaluated/recommended region-specific vertical integration strategies

Completed end market growth diagnostic and aligned operating strategy

Identified and planned for over $5m in manufacturing labor efficiencies

Completed rapid sourcing diagnostic- identified over $15M of savings and delivered $3M in <6 months.