Client Success

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Kinga Huse

President | US Eye

Michael Ames

CFO | US Eye

Jeff Coursen

CEO | Evolve IP

Joe DiPaolo

SVP, Operations | Icario Health

Kraig Brown

CEO | Office Practicum

Mike Jennings

Former CEO | Secure-24

Tony Hughes

CFO | naviHealth

Jim Akerhielm

CEO | Teklinks

Art Zeile

CEO | DHI Group, Inc.

Rick Moore

CFO |, Inc.

Rob Ganjon

CEO | BLR Holdings, Inc.
Through a diligent and framework based approach, Inside Consulting was able to not only identify, but deliver on close to a million dollars of incremental revenue that went straight to the bottom line. It is one thing for a consulting group to identify highly impactful projects but quite another to deliver on them. Inside Consulting did both by working hand-in-hand with management to achieve results that exceeded our initial estimates. We continue to use the methodology and lessons learned through the work we did with Inside Consulting, which has enabled us to realize benefits long after the initial project ended.- Rick Moore | Vice President Sales & Marketing |
The work that the Inside Consulting team has done in remaking our expense structure and ultimately our business model was remarkable. Rick and his crew are some of the smartest people I have ever worked with.- Art Zeile | Chief Executive Officer
Time and again our improvement targets were greatly exceeded due to Rick and his team’s creative, outside the box thinking. They changed how I think about managing our outside spend.- Derek Taylor | Chief Financial Officer
These guys {Inside Consulting} coming in the door is the best thing that has happened to our business in 10 years. It has really created a paradigm shift in my team.- Mike Hoganson | President of Operations

Proven ROI Results

We deliver proven Return on Consulting…our Outside Spend Reduction clients average 430% incremental ROI after 12 months

Client ROI from Outside Spend Reduction, past 5 projects


Outside Spend Savings

Inside Consulting has sourced well over 100 distinct spend categories, with an average compression of 25%. We achieve this uncommon savings rate by applying proprietary methodologies including zero-based budgeting, strategic re-negotiations, and through our reverse auction bidding portal. The chart below shows our actual client results per spend category- for every spend category sourced over the past 10 years:

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