Office Practicum

Delivered $1.7M of EBITDA improvement for Healthcare Company

Inside Consulting absolutely outperformed my expectations. They delivered solid savings to the bottom line with no disruption to my staff. They established trust with my core team and worked right alongside us- helping me drive a culture of curiosity, accountability, and data-driven decision-making. Beyond sourcing work, they also drove revenue improvement and added key project management skills we needed for a major system migration. I'd work with them again and would recommend them to other mid-market companies.- Kraig Brown | CEO


  • Business growing rapidly, adding more practices- but vendor spend had not been managed proactively.
  • High degree of complexity in product offering bundles and prior pricing / billing records, complicating revenue assurance efforts.

Insights and actions:

  • Identified high amount of spend in highly compressible technology categories
  • Applied variety of sourcing approaches (direct negotiations, multi-round tenders, live-bidding events) based on category and vendor relationship dynamics.
  • Identified significant price realization opportunity on a product line suffering from systemic revenue leakage.


  • Collectively, the profit improvement initiatives added >$1M in EBITDA (33% spend reduction for categories in scope), contributing key margin improvement for the business.
  • In addition, identified another $750k in upcoming EBITDA improvement and provided project management support to coordinate cross-functional realization initiatives.