Customized driver-based modeling of technical staff demand and supply informed critical C-level decision-making.

Inside Consulting delivered for me yet again. They identified our capacity shortfall drivers, explained the gaps, and prioritized remedies. Their work helped focus us on the actual issues and addressable opportunities. Their ability to explain dynamics to our CEO and CFO and answer questions in data-driven way drove confidence and action. I look forward to working with Inside Consulting again.- Don Barlow | SVP Transformation


  • Ensono’s clients require updates to legacy mainframe software, as many software versions reach end-of-support.
  • The technical staff required to execute such upgrades are in high demand and the industry is experiencing demographic turnover; many experienced staff are retiring, replaced by junior staff who face a learning curve.
  • Ensono needed to understand the supply and demand for different types of upgrade work over the next 2-3 years to inform workforce development, hiring strategies, pricing, and automation investment strategies.

Insights and actions:

  • Built custom driver-based models to estimate client demand for upgrade work and Ensono’s internal capacity.  Models built per technical discipline, per region, accounting for client mix effects and resource base mix shifts.
  • Developed custom KPIs to monitor resourcing levels, upgrade throughput and cost efficiency.
  • Identified key barriers to increased throughput and recommended tailored remedies.  E.g., Discovered that the key throughput constraint was scheduling upgrade work and not sub-par productivity for actual upgrade work, which changed the focus of management’s interventions.


  • Ensono adjusted hiring plans and resourcing approach and focused management efforts on empirically validated barriers to throughput.
  • Insight into capacity supply / demand balance informed client pricing, client relationship management, enabling successful completion of major upgrade cycles of 2021-2023.