HTML Services Tables

Due-Diligence Support
  • Assess strategic fit / high level synergy potential
Synergy Planning
  • Identify synergy levers & hypotheses
  • Quantify synergy potential; develop refinement plans
Outside Spend Synergy Realization / Optimization
  • Identify / quantity savings potential; develop capture plans
  • Execute sourcing / demand management tactics to secure value
Revenue Synergy Realization
  • Identify / quantity savings potential; develop capture plans
  • Implement risk management safeguards to minimize adverse effects
Organizational Integration Support
  • Assist management team with org planning - applying targeted spans of control, role definition / decision right clarification
IMO (Integration Management Office) / PMO Services
  • Identify critical milestones and track completion
  • Link milestones to financial impacts (synergies) - track realization and escalate issues proactively
  • Indentify risks and mitigations; alert manangement selectively and propose specific interventions
Rapid Results
Transformation Support
Turnaround / RestructureM&A / Integration
Cost Reduction
  • Rapid Outside Spend Reduction
  • Zero Based Budgeting
  • Targeted Operational Efficiency Improvement
  • Rapid OSR
  • ZBB
  • Org Delayering
  • Org Delayering
  • Direct Labor Optimization
  • Make/Buy and Corporate Shape Analysis
  • Synergy Modeling and Capture (FTE, Vendor Spend)
  • PMO / Integration Management Office Support
Revenue Improvement
  • Targeting price realization improvement
  • Net Revenue Retention Improvement
  • Synergy modeling and capture - cross sell / upsell
  • PMO / Integration Management Office Support
Capital Efficiency
  • Ops/Manufacturing footprint optimization
  • Cash Conversion Cycle Improvement
  • Inventory Level Optimization
  • CAPEX Spend Reduction